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Now THIS is What I Call Book Promotion!



Marina Bridges’s Zombie Report: Uh, No, It’s Not, Sorry

Jaye here…

I asked Marina if she had a new zombie report for her readers. She threw a shoe at my head and made a growling noise that made the hair lift on the back of my neck.


You see, she’s writing a new zombie story. We’re really hoping to have it finished before Christmas (she writes, I edit and produce). Apparently, my asking if she’s done yet (or asking her to write more posts for this blog) has the same effect as my kids screaming from the backseat of the car: “Are we there yet?!?” (It’s her own fault. I love Zombies Take Manhattan and I’m a greedy reader and, much like zombies, some is never enough.)

She did say if I was really, really good and quit bugging the snot out of her, she’ll let me read her work in progress on Monday. Well, shoot. That means I have to be good all weekend. That’s iffy.

It also means I can’t talk about the new story. I can say it has zombies in it. And, best of all, it features one of my favorite characters. Anything else, my lips are zipped.

That’s not much of a zombie report.

Zombie news, zombie news… I’ve already beaten my disappointment in The Walking Dead to death (I suggested to Marina that she include a scene where Rick and Carl show up in NYC and get eaten–oddly enough she didn’t think that was a grand idea…writers, hmmph). I did find a Jeff McComsey GUTTERS comic strip called “8 Easy Steps To Create a Walking Dead Storyline” that was pretty good. I read Jonathan Maberry’s Dead of Night, which was horrendously creepy and disturbing and gave me nightmares–meaning I loved it. I also watched (again) one of my favorite zombie movies


Maybe not the classic that Night of the Living Dead is, but it cracks me up every single time.

So zombie report fans, you have my sympathy. You, like me, will have to wait until Marina comes up for air. It’ll be worth the wait.

Whistling, twiddling my thumbs, being good…

The Walking Dead Season 3 and THE RULES – Marina’s Zombie Report

THE WALKING DEAD is returning to AMC this Sunday night, the zenith of a two day marathon of the past two seasons.  Am I excited?  You bet your ass I am. 

However,  I’m also apprehensive. I remember the red coal hot barbeque fork tines of disappointment that poked my eyes out during the Season 2 premiere when the zombie herd staggered right past the bleeding T-Dog.  In Season 1, characters had covered themselves in zombie guts so they could walk through Atlanta.  The team that produces THE WALKING DEAD hadn’t followed their own rules.  Earlier in the season, the zombies could smell.  Now they couldn’t smell.  I felt cheated as shit.

Zombie fans are sticklers for The Rules in a way that fans of other horror genres aren’t.  Vampires go to the beach in broad daylight and nobody gives a damn.  Silver bullets are optional when killing werewolves, mainly because it’s really hard to come up with silver bullets.  Zombie fans care about The Rules because they are actually compiling their own survival guides while they are being entertained.  You have to be careful about The Rules.  People are paying attention.  Close attention.

Later, on THE TALKING DEAD, I heard a member of the show’s creative team respond to the criticism over the You-Said-That- Zombies-Can-Smell-And Then-You-Said-They-Can’t-Smell issue.  He said something like, “We never said that zombies are bloodhounds.  We’ve never had zombies sniffing people out.”  I got mad all over again.  ZOMBIES WOULD HAVE TO NOT HAVE ANY SENSE OF SMELL AT ALL TO NOT SMELL T-DOG GUSHING BLOOD, AND YOU TOLD US BEFORE THAT THEY COULD SMELL PEOPLE!

But somewhere along the line, I gave it up.  It’s not like there is ANOTHER zombie show I can watch.  I have to watch the only zombie show there is.  I can’t NOT watch the only zombie show there is.  And that led to me relaxing other rules I generally have about my entertainment just so I could watch THE WALKING DEAD. 

Rules about character continuity.  Relaxed.  Lori went to town alone to tell Hershel that his daughter was sick in spite of the fact that the men had gone into town to find Hershel because Hershel’s daughter was sick.  Now, Lori would NEVER, EVER chance her son losing both parents.  EVER.   She is the character who is LEAST likely to go off alone on a ridiculous errand.  And, beep beep, there she went.  I was mildly annoyed, but I dealt.

Rules about maintaining a decent, believable plot in general.  Relaxed.  The only person who was still on Shane’s side by the end of Season 2 was Andrea.  Nobody really trusted Shane.  Almost all of them feared Shane.  Yet the entire group was horrified when Rick confessed that he’d killed Shane.  The reason  they turned against Rick was the producers needed them to turn against Rick to set up what is going to happen in Season 3.  Again, I dealt.

And I’ll probably keep right on dealing.  THE WALKING DEAD is my soap opera.  I’m like my grandma with her “stories” that she had to watch every single weekday, with people coming back to town with different faces to avenge themselves against their evil twins who’d stolen their husbands.  Grandma knew that shit wasn’t real.    THE WALKING DEAD isn’t real.  BUT THEY’D BETTER WATCH THE RULES, THIS SEASON!  OR I’LL BE MAD!  I’ll watch.  But I’ll be mad.

I, personally, follow the rules with my zombie fiction.  Check out the great review of my ebook, ZOMBIES TAKE MANHATTAN!

The Walking Dead Social Game On Facebook

Back in May, I bitched that Facebook hadn’t delivered their promised The Walking Dead Social Game anywhere close to the promised release date.  They’ve finally delivered it! Time for more bitching. 

I considered bitching without playing the game at all, but that hardly seemed fair.  So, I played a little over the past couple of nights.  Fairness is irrationally important to me, and now I can fairly say what I already knew, which is…the game wasn’t worth the wait.  From what I’ve seen, your little woman (or man, should you choose to be a man) goes around gathering shit (fuel, tents, food) and killing zombies.  Now, that could be a really fun way to waste more time than you are already wasting on Facebook, but it’s not.

No extreme gaming experience is The Walking Dead Social Game On Facebook.  You click your mouse around to walk yourself to your fellow survivors.  They tell you what your mission is.  They send you clicking off to get some shit.  The shit you seek isn’t very hidden.  You usually have to destroy some zombies to get the shit, but killing the zombies isn’t fun or exciting or anything except waiting for a little target that you aren’t controlling to land on a zombie’s head so you can click your mouse.  Wheeee!  I clicked my mouse!   There are Skill Points and stuff to make you feel more like you are doing more than clicking your mouse, but you are really just clicking your mouse.

Now, some people DO seem to be enjoying the game, as evidenced by a fan page where people mainly post “Add me!  I’ll gift you energy!”  (Except sometimes it’s “Ad me!  I’ll jift you inergy!”} Energy is a big deal in the game, and apparently you run out of it before you can finish missions if you care enough to keep playing past the point where you get free energy just for being a newbie (I do not care that much).  The developers of this game seem to have learned a lot from the techniques of drug dealers when it comes to hooking people.  “Yo.  Just try it.  I’ll give you and your friends this energy FOR FREE!” 

Some of the people who are playing seem to be under the impression that all of the good stuff about the game costs actual MONEY, and they are whining mightily about that.  Psst.  Guys.  Lemme tell you…the stuff that costs money is just going to be MORE OF THE SAME SHIT.

Now, I’m not remotely a gamer.  I don’t game.  No el gameo.  So I can’t IMAGINE how boring this game must be to people who actually play real video games.  However, don’t listen to me.  Play it yourself.  Click on that little cartoon at the top and you are there.  However, if I were you, I’d click on the picture at the BOTTOM of the page.  My ebook is way more exciting than The Walking Dead Social Game.  Way, way more exciting.  Way, way, way.

Marina Bridges’ Zombie Report: Real Life Zombie Preparedness

I’ve talked about zombie apocalypse preparedness before in this report.  I’ve talked about how prepared I am (not at all, unless you count having a three month supply of expensive dog food for my pampered little dogs, and I don’t think I can count that).  There are some people who really ARE prepared for the zombie apocalypse, and they can help you get prepared, too.

A good resource for zombie apocalypse preparedness is actually the CDC (Centers For Disease Control) website.  In addition to information and printable posters, there is also a downloadable graphic novella about preparedness.  It’s interesting to note that government zombie outbreak models have shown that we are all zombie feed unless the outbreak is contained very early on.

The Zombie Squad is a far more interactive, fun, and socially conscious way to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.  The organization started in St. Louis and then, like a contagion, it spread.  It’s all about general emergency preparedness, charity, and zombies.  There is probably a chapter near you.

If you need something to read on your Kindle or computer while you sit in your basement and wait for the apocalypse to die down, please consider Zombies Take Manhattan!, my ebook! 

Marina Bridges’s Zombie Report: Things To Do While You’re Dead

Actually, that should be, things to do while you’re waiting for The Walking Dead to hurry back and start a new season. Are you bored, Marina? It’s pretty tough waiting for the zombies to swing back around your way. After sharpening your axe, stocking up on bullets and making sure you have enough canned fruit cocktail and Spam to keep you fueled through the zombie apocalypse, what is there to do?

I do miss The Walking Dead. Sunday nights have been so boring that I was actually watching The Celebrity Apprentice. The only brain that got eaten was mine. Arsenio Hall won? Really? Can you think of one thing that Arsenio Hall does better than anyone else? No? I can. He’s a FEEnominal butt kisser. He got famous for kissing Eddie Murphy’s butt, but he threw his fame away and now he wants his fame back. He found a BIG way to kiss butt on Celebrity Apprentice. He kissed Donald Trump’s butt and Magic Johnson’s butt and his own dead cousin’s butt. Now Celebrity Apprentice is over and I can’t even watch that and bitch about it. Well, I can still bitch about it, obviously, but that is going to have limited appeal, as time marches on.


Then I remembered…wasn’t Facebook supposed to have some sort of social game based on The Walking Dead? Didn’t I “Like” that page incredibly early (I think I was number 20,586)? So I trotted over to the Walking Dead Social Game Facebook page and found…bullshit. They’ve recruited some test players (not ME, obviously), and the game that was supposed to be released in April hasn’t been released yet. BUT…they’ve given us a little preview video. Which looks like bullshit, frankly. I see little people running around and killing zombies and zzzzz. If I wanted to play a game like that, there are a lot better games like that to play than what I saw in the video. I’m hoping they’ll add some…farming or something.

If you want to add your voice to the bitching, head over to Facebook. But get in line. The page has over 390,000 “Likes” that are turning into “Dislikes.”


Until Facebook actually releases the game, you and your zombie loving friends can make do with this, Oh, No…Zombies! board game..

Thanks, Marina, maybe after I finish producing your new zombie story collection, Zombies Take Manhattan, and get it uploaded live Amazon and Smashwords so everybody can read it and join the fun, then I’ll have time for zombie board games.

Available soon at a fine e-tailer near you! We’re counting down the days!

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