The Feast Challenge!

Happy Thanksgiving!

My Facebook buds thought it would be fun to do a Turkey Day Challenge. So I said, Okay, the stories need to include a FEAST. Write a story where something (or someone) gets eaten. Marina Bridges, Kelly Shew, Barry Bridges and I rose to the challenge. That sneaky Marina also tempted the very talented Chris Zombieking to illustrate her story.

So, now that your tummies are full of turkey and the game hasn’t started yet, kick back and enjoy.

As always, the stories are copyrighted and belong to the authors. If you feel an overwhelming desire to repost a favorite, please contact me through this blog and get permission first. Thanks.

World’s most famous tattooed fingers feasting on each other. Gobble Gobble! Read about the saga of the fingers over on Chris’s blog.


2 responses

  1. ah i love how you assume marina was the ringleader in our little association! i must confess, it was me who approached her in this matter. i did however promise to do illustrations for everyone else as we continue with these challenges. what’s next?

  2. Marina is always up to something. It is safe to assume she is up to no good. (kidding, Marina!)

    To prove it, Marina talked me into another challenge. Yes, there will be on for Christmas.

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