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I have another blog, JW Manus, where I talk about ebooks (mostly) and odd bits (occasionally). Over here it’s all about genre fiction and television, often with guest posts from my favorite writers and reports on the impending zombie apocalypse from fellow writer and good friend, Marina Bridges.

When I’m not formatting and talking about ebooks, I write. (The dogs find me fascinating and are well rewarded with cookies for sitting quietly and listening while I natter on about my plots and characters– just saying.)

Yes, indeedy, I love Mom’s books. And cookies. I really, really love cookies.

He is a good dog.

(Mice are better than cookies OR books– signed, Lynx)

Pay no heed to the cat (he’s been trying to kill me for years).

(By the way, all my critters are rescue animals. Support your local Humane Society. Big fluppy mutts and crazy cats make great companions.)

Currently I have some original short stories available (click on the cover image and it will take you to Amazon):

Bub is the Prince of Darkness’s top producer. Every month, without fail, he provides thirteen souls, signed, sealed and delivered on parchment scrolls. Trouble comes when Bub bargains for a soul so twisted even the devil wouldn’t want it…

Mary Walker knows Robert Asher holds the key to understanding, and perhaps stopping a string of gruesome murders and suicides. When she tracks him down to a hole-in-the-wall bar, he tells her to go away. They are watching and the last thing Mary wants is to attract their attention. Because They touch and once They touch, They never let you go.

And for something completely different, a romantic comedy:

On her first business trip, Sandra Campbell is determined to save her beloved uncle from financial ruin. He’s old! He’s almost sixty. He deserves a happy retirement. Her plans for the perfect sales presentation are threatened when she finds herself in the Honeymoon Suite with her arch nemesis, love-‘em-and-leave-‘em Martin Stonehouse. Martin has his own agenda. He’s had it up to here with the boss’s niece. Whatever it takes, it’s time to finally deal with Sandra.

Between bad luck and crazy circumstances, and being stuck in a pink-and-green Victorian love nest with the sexiest man in Bugle Creek, Texas, Sandra’s short stay in Dallas quickly turns into the business trip from hell. Her only chance to redeem herself is to say four magic words to the one man she loves to hate.

If you’re more in the mood for full length novels in the romantic suspense genre:

Book I: Mirror Images

…A good girl gone bad?

Businesswoman Dana Benson leads a charmed life—until she’s arrested for murder.

When defense attorney Kurt Saxon takes the case, he is not anywhere close to Dana’s idea of an attorney. He’s rude, loud and outrageous—a flesh and blood bulldozer who’ll fight to the death to get what he wants. His clients are never innocent and he prefers it that way. Now Kurt faces his personal nightmare—a truly innocent client. A drug dealer is dead. The cops have eyewitnesses and a videotape saying Dana gunned him down. The press thinks she’s guilty. Her business associates think she’s guilty. Even a killer thinks she’s a killer and he’s out for revenge.

Only Kurt believes Dana. Only Kurt can keep her alive long enough to find the mysterious, murderous doppleganger who set Dana up to take the fall.

Book II: Mirror Images


Star Collins cannot let go of the past. Abandoned at an orphanage and separated from her twin sister, she grew up at the mercy of an uncaring system that declared her incorrigible, even crazy because she wanted her family back. She will never forget and she’ll never stop looking, no matter what she has to do. No matter if it proves what she fears most—that she is to blame for a barely remembered tragedy.


Finding people is what Austin Tack does best. He’s determined to help Star find her parents. Because the only way to heal her wounds so they have a chance at a future together is if she uncovers her past.

Their search takes them deep into the Rocky Mountains. In a small town still wounded by a twenty-five year old murder, Star’s questions are not welcome. The truth of what happened to her parents is right there, almost close enough to touch, she just has to be brave enough and trust Austin enough to let herself remember. The more Star remembers, though, the greater her danger from those who’d kill to make sure the past stays buried.



5 responses

  1. i raised my head and adjusted my posture so that i was no longer slouching in the chair. then, ever so cautiously, i began to hit letters on my crumb ridden keyboard until i had something that approximated a sentence.

    it read, “hi, my name is chris, and i love genre fiction too.”

  2. Yay, Chris! Give us our pot boilers, our bodice rippers and shoot ’em ups! Let us rejoice in space operas and horse operas and tearjerkers. Thrills, chills, and spills. Just tell me a story and let me enjoy.

  3. Hey, I was going to leave a long message and introduction for you but I just read Chapter 1 of “Dead Crazy” and now I’m hungry. Imagine that. Loved it! I can’t wait to get to chapter 2, so I’ll leave a really long message later.

    1. Jaime, thank you. Welcome. Pop in any old time.

  4. […] Jaye approaches the question from a more Platonic stance. She locates the definition somewhere beyond the bounds of plot or story elements. The ultimate determination of whether or not something is horror, for Jaye, is to be found in the effect it has upon the reader. A work is horror if the reader is left with the question: “How do you live with that?” […]

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