Top Ten Mystery & Suspense Series Characters

Now this list was really hard to narrow down to just ten. I love kick ass detectives and troublemakers, the more complex and tortured, or oddball, the better.

Jack Reacher, created by Lee Child
Huge, dangerous and homeless. Who’d a thought a hobo could be a superstar. I love his odd obsessions and zen-like philosophy.

Heironymous “Harry” Bosch, created by Michael Connelly
Brilliant, determined and doomed, the poor guy can’t catch a break personally or professionally, but he’s never one to quit.

Joe Pike, created by Robert Crais
Silent and deadly, and surprisingly deep.

DI Thomas Lynley, created by Elizabeth George
An oh so proper English earl, stuck between station and his desire for justice.

Patrick Kenzie & Angie Gennaro, created by Dennis Lehane
A pair of Boston detectives with deep thuggish streaks and heightened senses of making the world right.

Dexter Morgan, created by Jeff Lindsay
My favorite serial killer.

Logan MacRae, created by Stuart MacBride
If brains and determination counted, he’d rule the world, but instead he’s stuck with a nutty, profane collection of Aberdeen cops.

Virgil Flowers, created by John Sandford
“That fuckin’ Flowers.” Sexy and brilliant, but with a weakness for women and fishing.

Israel Armstrong, created by Ian Sansom
Vegetarian, Jewish mobile librarian who’s lost in the wilds of Northern Ireland.

Burke, created by Andrew Vachss
A true outlaw, dark and dangerous, but with a code of honor stricter than any citizen’s.


3 responses

  1. Thanks for echoing some of my favorites (Jack Reacher and Harry Bosch, to name a couple). To these I’d add Lawrence Block’s Matthew Scudder. Talk about complex and tortured…and someone you’d rather have on your side than coming after you.

    1. Oh definitely. I wrote this list before I got comfortably (uncomfortably) reacquainted with Scudder. I’m also enthralled by Block’s Keller, a most unusual hit man.

  2. […] authors. He’s on my recommended reads list, he’s made my two of my top ten lists, (here and here), and I’ve blogged about his books and characters. AND because I know how publishing […]

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