Top Ten Funny Authors

You all do realize when I post my Top Ten lists that the names and titles are coming from stuff I’ve read recently, which means that a lot of really good books get left out just because I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. And anyone who wants to toss me some names and titles is more than welcome because I’m always looking for new books to read and new authors to fall in love with (I am a total story slut and fall in love with total abandon on a regular basis, fickle bitch that I am, especially if they make me laugh, easy bitch that I am). Plus, these lists are by no means intended to improve anyone’s intellect, character or moral fiber. It’s just stuff I like.

That said, this is a list of authors the Old Man absolutely hates because they make me laugh. When I start laughing, he knows I’m going to start insisting he mute the television because he has to hear this!

S. G. Browne

Larry Doyle

Andrew Fox

William Goldman

Richard Kadrey

Stuart MacBride

A. Lee Martinez

Christopher Moore

Chuck Palahniuk

Thomas Pynchon


2 responses

  1. Well, Terry Pratchett will probably always be at top of my funny bone list, but maybe he’s old news. 🙂 I’ll check these authors out.

  2. […] He’s on my recommended reads list, he’s made my two of my top ten lists, (here and here), and I’ve blogged about his books and characters. AND because I know how publishing houses […]

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