Top Ten Zombie & Monster Novels

Having grown up enthralled with monster movies and scary stories, I love, love, love stories about zombies and other monsters. My tastes run to humor and cheese, so the funnier and cheesier it is, the more I like it.

Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament, by S. G. Browne
The question being, can zombies find love and civil rights?

Go, Mutants!, by Larry Doyle
A funny, funny homage to creature features and 1950s radioactive monster movies.

Feed, by Mira Grant
This one is neither funny nor cheesy. The real story is about truth and freedom of the press and how society responds to fear.

Kill the Dead, by Richard Kadrey
Follow up to Sandman Slim, where Stark, the monster who kills monsters, has to give the devil his due.

Patient Zero, by Jonathon Maberry
Kick ass hero, Joe Ledger has to stop zombies from eating politicians (at times, you’ll be rooting for the zombies)

The Dragon Factory, Jonathon Maberry
Joe Ledger is back to stop a modern day Frankenstein from turning loose monsters on the world.

In the Company of Ogres, by A. Lee Martinez
Never Dead Ned has to lead a company of the most mutinous, ambitious, funny monsters ever assembled into an army troop.

Monster Island
Monster Nation
Monster Planet, by David Wellington
The world is overrun by zombies and the very few living battle to survive. Terrific cheese factor, plenty of grue and gore, and the occasional laugh out loud funny bit.


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