The Walking Dead Social Game On Facebook

Back in May, I bitched that Facebook hadn’t delivered their promised The Walking Dead Social Game anywhere close to the promised release date.  They’ve finally delivered it! Time for more bitching. 

I considered bitching without playing the game at all, but that hardly seemed fair.  So, I played a little over the past couple of nights.  Fairness is irrationally important to me, and now I can fairly say what I already knew, which is…the game wasn’t worth the wait.  From what I’ve seen, your little woman (or man, should you choose to be a man) goes around gathering shit (fuel, tents, food) and killing zombies.  Now, that could be a really fun way to waste more time than you are already wasting on Facebook, but it’s not.

No extreme gaming experience is The Walking Dead Social Game On Facebook.  You click your mouse around to walk yourself to your fellow survivors.  They tell you what your mission is.  They send you clicking off to get some shit.  The shit you seek isn’t very hidden.  You usually have to destroy some zombies to get the shit, but killing the zombies isn’t fun or exciting or anything except waiting for a little target that you aren’t controlling to land on a zombie’s head so you can click your mouse.  Wheeee!  I clicked my mouse!   There are Skill Points and stuff to make you feel more like you are doing more than clicking your mouse, but you are really just clicking your mouse.

Now, some people DO seem to be enjoying the game, as evidenced by a fan page where people mainly post “Add me!  I’ll gift you energy!”  (Except sometimes it’s “Ad me!  I’ll jift you inergy!”} Energy is a big deal in the game, and apparently you run out of it before you can finish missions if you care enough to keep playing past the point where you get free energy just for being a newbie (I do not care that much).  The developers of this game seem to have learned a lot from the techniques of drug dealers when it comes to hooking people.  “Yo.  Just try it.  I’ll give you and your friends this energy FOR FREE!” 

Some of the people who are playing seem to be under the impression that all of the good stuff about the game costs actual MONEY, and they are whining mightily about that.  Psst.  Guys.  Lemme tell you…the stuff that costs money is just going to be MORE OF THE SAME SHIT.

Now, I’m not remotely a gamer.  I don’t game.  No el gameo.  So I can’t IMAGINE how boring this game must be to people who actually play real video games.  However, don’t listen to me.  Play it yourself.  Click on that little cartoon at the top and you are there.  However, if I were you, I’d click on the picture at the BOTTOM of the page.  My ebook is way more exciting than The Walking Dead Social Game.  Way, way more exciting.  Way, way, way.


5 responses

  1. I agree I enjoy the show a hundred times more the game is a disappiontment

    1. It’s just not a good game, is it, Dee?

  2. Is it the same as this one?

    I’ve heard folks say they like that one. I was going to try it, but maybe not?

    1. tmso, it’s NOT the same game.

      1. Ah, good to know. I’ll try the TellTale game and report back.

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