Marina Bridges’ Zombie Report: Real Life Zombie Preparedness

I’ve talked about zombie apocalypse preparedness before in this report.  I’ve talked about how prepared I am (not at all, unless you count having a three month supply of expensive dog food for my pampered little dogs, and I don’t think I can count that).  There are some people who really ARE prepared for the zombie apocalypse, and they can help you get prepared, too.

A good resource for zombie apocalypse preparedness is actually the CDC (Centers For Disease Control) website.  In addition to information and printable posters, there is also a downloadable graphic novella about preparedness.  It’s interesting to note that government zombie outbreak models have shown that we are all zombie feed unless the outbreak is contained very early on.

The Zombie Squad is a far more interactive, fun, and socially conscious way to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.  The organization started in St. Louis and then, like a contagion, it spread.  It’s all about general emergency preparedness, charity, and zombies.  There is probably a chapter near you.

If you need something to read on your Kindle or computer while you sit in your basement and wait for the apocalypse to die down, please consider Zombies Take Manhattan!, my ebook! 


3 responses

  1. I have a huge supply of bear spray…

  2. Then you are ready for the bear apocalypse, Julia!

  3. We have enough Kraft dinner to last us a month or two…

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