Marina Bridges’s Zombie Report: Zombies in Claymation and Film Festivals

Sorry about last week’s Zombie Report.  There wasn’t one.  I obtained secret information that the zombie apocalypse was upon us, and I was busy hoarding Spam and automatic weapons…okay truth.  I went on vacation and I forgot to do a report.

During my vacation, I did try to get in some zombies for future reports.  I made an unfortunate DVD choice based on what various film festivals liked.  Descendants is a Chilean zombie film that was made with a $60,000 budget.  You can see every dime of that 60 grand right there on the screen.  The first scene, the one that probably cost $50,000, is very good.  Then the rest of the movie, the other $10,000, flashes back to that first scene over and over and over and…you get the idea.  The movie caps off with a ridiculous scene where children who are immune to the zombie plague go to the sea and become sea monkeys.  I shit you not.

If this is what film festivals are looking for, I say we all max out our credit cards, move to a politically oppressed country and make us some highbrow zombie movies.

So that kind of left me with little to talk about and nothing to recommend to you until I found a zombie film on youtube worthy of critical acclaim.  I present to you the human emotions, the pathos, the tragedy, the non-seamonkey opusness and claymation sawliciousness of…Chainsaw Maid. 

Be sure to read my highbrow zombie ebook!


3 responses

  1. Sea monkeys! I sense a rash of copycat sea monkey novels…sea monkey romances, vampire sea monkeys, were-sea monkey love triangles, sea monkeys from outer space, maybe a sea monkey series on SyFy. The next big thing! Jump on it, all you authors!

  2. I have to repeat Marie’s comment… Sea monkeys?

  3. Do I detect a touch of tongue in cheek. Although, there was once this poor little sea monkey…

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