Marina Bridges’s Zombie Report: While Waiting for The Walking Dead

As the temperature skyrockets and thunderstorms rage (except for where there are wildfires raging and rain would be nice), and people in Florida continue to bite each other,  I wonder why the hell any adult would look forward to summer. I’m hot and I’m bored because, in addition to everything else that’s shitty about summer, we don’t get new episodes of The Walking Dead until fall.

Last night, I got an unexpected gift from my television set.  The Mist was showing on the Syfy channel. I watched it years ago with my brother and I enjoyed it, but I didn’t remember details. I remembered prehistoric bugs and a supermarket and one of the most depressing endings in the history of depressing movie endings. I wasn’t watching the movie, this time.  I just had it on as background noise (I obviously don’t mind a lot of screaming as background noise), when my ear picked out a familiar voice. It was Andrea (Laurie Holden) from The Walking Dead!  I thought it was cool to see Andrea and went about my movie-ignoring business until I heard yet ANOTHER familiar voice. This time, it was Dale (Jeffrey McDunn). Carol (Melissa McBride), is in there, too. Frank Darabont, who has directed episodes of The Walking Dead and is also an executive producer, directed The Mist.  It’s an adaptation of a Stephen King story, and it’s an entertaining movie, in an apocalyptic way.

So, to get a little taste of fall, check out The Mist!

If you need zombies before fall, check out my ebook book, Zombies Take Manhattan!



3 responses

  1. You know what? I saw that was on and almost watched it. I had no idea so many of TWD people and associates were in it. Now it’s on my must-see list!

  2. Julia, there are certainly good things about the movie.

  3. So I watched all but the end last night. Not bad, not bad at all. And it was great to see familiar faces! That was the best part. I really did not want to watch the end, too depressing. And I must say I would have shot the crazy lady (Marcia Gay Harden) first thing. Or thrown her out the door.

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