For Those Who Missed The Zombie Report…

Regulars may have noticed a certain… person slacked off yesterday and didn’t post her zombie report. Put down your demerit books. Marina has an excuse. It’s even better than ‘the dog ate my homework’ or even ‘I was kidnapped by aliens.’

She finished the book.

Yes. She did.


That’s right, folks! Zombies Take Manhattan! is in the can, on the fly and it’s for real! Last night we uploaded it to Amazon and today we’ll be uploading at other e-tailers. You can watch for links as the book goes live in other places.

UPDATE! The books is now available through Smashwords. Yay!

I ♥ New York!

Five stories, one great city, and millions and millions of zombies.

 New York City is the greatest city in the world—and then the zombies come.

 The apocalypse begins at the sideshow on Coney Island. A disgraced ex-cop takes the ride of his life in “Wheel of Wonder.”

 “Times Square Is For Tourists,” thinks a timid stage manager. The heart of Manhattan seems like the ultimate hell—until the tourists start eating each other and she learns the true meaning of terror.

 Off-Broadway stagehands prepare for a “Siege” on a theatre roof. With zombies milling below and the sun beating down from above, the question becomes can they survive each other?

 Residents of a high rise apartment building are running low on supplies. In “A Trip To The Drugstore,” a gentle man has to leave his erstwhile sanctuary in order to obtain life-saving drugs.

Back on Coney Island, “The Child of Child’s” survives by ravaged wits and dwindling supplies. An approaching helicopter could signal rescue, or maybe just the assurance she won’t die alone.

 Zombies ♥ New York!

But hey, just because Marina is once again a big-shot author, it’s back to work today and she’s working on a new zombie report. Watch this space. And for Pete’s sake, watch out for zombies! Those boogers will eat your eye out.


4 responses

  1. Yea, Marina! Looks like a lot of fun. I’m off to purchase–

    1. Thanks, Marie. Lots and lots of work, and I think it turned out terrific.

  2. Congrats! Already bought it and I can’t wait to read it!

    1. Read it with the lights on, Julia. It gets pretty… disturbing.

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