Guest Post: Marina Bridges’ Love Affair With Kindle

Jaye asked me to write some kind of Top Ten List for her blog as the year winds down.  So I sat down to work and realized that I’m not trendy enough to write a Top Ten List.  I don’t even know what happened in the Bottom Ten this year.  I can’t write a Top Ten Shits My Dogs Took List or a Top Ten Times I Watched Hoarders And Laughed List.  Well, I can, but Jaye will snicker at those lists and then make me do another one.  So I’m hoping that she’ll let me squeak by with a Top Six Things I Like Best About Having A Kindle List.

I got my Kindle this April and a lot of other people will be getting Kindles for Christmas.  I’ve gotten some shit for having a Kindle, believe it or not.  I’ve had people sniff at me and say that they prefer REAL books.  I take that to mean that they have an extreme letch for paper mills.  Books are about words, not about the delivery system.

Ereaders free us to read what we want to read, when we want to read it.  They free us to participate in the world of literature on a deeper level than ever before.  My list is all about freedom.

The Top Six Things I Like Best About Having A Kindle

  1. Pornography: Let’s just get this one out of the way right off the bat.  You can buy dirty books from the comfort of your own home.  Nobody has to know what kind of perv you are.  It rocks.
  2. Free Samples: You have to watch out for sample reading on your Kindle.  It’s great to get a nice chunk of a book for free.  It’s great to be able to leisurely sample a book rather than flipping through a few pages in a store.  But I reached a point where I realized that I hadn’t read an entire book in months.
  3. Spare Change and Kindle: I had a lot of spare change sitting around, daring me to roll it and take it to the bank.  I never did, of course.  I couldn’t take it to a Coinstar machine because THERE IS A FEE FOR USING THE MACHINE…unless you get a gift certificate.  There is no fee if you get your change turned into a gift certificate.  I took my change to a Coinstar machine, I got an Amazon gift certificate in exchange for my change, and it feels like I’m reading for free.
  4. Facebook: If you think Facebook has nothing to do with Kindle, you are dead wrong.  Look up your favorite authors.  Get special deals on their ebooks and see what they have in the works.  Some of them will even chat with you!
  5. Books I Probably Wouldn’t Have Found In A Book Store:  These are mainly horror books that I enjoyed.  I’m sure other types of books are out there, but I currently don’t care about other types of books.  Most of these, I never, ever, ever would have found in a book store.  As a matter of fact, it’s a little hard to find a book store these days.  They are going the way of the dinosaurs, offering readers little selection and billions of “gifts” that nobody wants to give to anyone and not much else.  I’ll miss book stores for sure, but most of them just aren’t any damned good, anymore.
  • Flesh Eaters:  I like Joe McKinney.  He does zombies the old fashioned way.
  • Double Dead (Tomes of the Dead):  Chuck Wendig did the one thing I didn’t think anyone could do.  He wrote a vampire vs. zombies book that I actually liked a lot.
  • Zombie, Ohio: A Tale of the Undead: Scott Kenemore does some fun things with a zombie that can think.   Not perfect, but Scott made me laugh more than once.  On purpose.
  • Fistful of Feet: Jordan Krall wrote one of the weirdest westerns ever. Not for everyone.  Kind of not for me, but I wanted to mention it because I do admire Jordan for writing such weird shit.
  • Seed:  Ania Ahlborn makes little girls scarier than Toddlers and Tiaras.
  • Wolf Hunt: Jeff Strand sends two bumbling thugs to pick up a werewolf.
  • Clan:  Harry Shannon’s werewolves bite history in the ass.
  • Blood Is Red:  Scott Sigler is an inventive, fun person and his short stories kick ass.

6.  Self Publishing: Thanks to Jaye Manus, I’m an author.  I can read my own book, Pickers & Pickled Punks, on my Kindle!

See?  It’s all about freedom!


Thank you, Marina. There are a few of those I don’t have. Oh well, at least I don’t have to dust my virtual TBR stack. Hey! That’s one more thing to love about the Kindle!


7 responses

  1. I am a newer convert to ereading too and I love it.

    A bonus for me is the ability to resize the font. I can’t read paper books without reading glasses, but on an ereader? No problem!

  2. Hey,Margaret, I knew I was a total convert when I started complaining about how CLUMSY print books are. Kindle is the best invention ever for a lady of a certain age with slightly arthritic fingers.

  3. Thanks for the mention! It looks like you found some great horror reads for the Kindle. From your list, I really, really enjoyed Seed and Zombie, Ohio.

  4. Hi, Joe. I’ve got Flesh Eaters on my Kindle TBR. I can always count on Marina to find the best stuff for me.

  5. Thanks for entertaining me with your zombie tales, Joe!

  6. Sounds like a bunch of books are going on my To Buy list. So many uploads, so little reading time! Sigh….

  7. I thought about shaming myself into not being such a greedy Gus, Julia, by making a TBR category on my Kindle. Then I thought, no, I’m too old for shame. It would just make me proud. Heh.

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