An Early Christmas Gift For You: Winners of the Memories Writing Contest

My dear friend, Marylin aka Writing Buddy, held a writing contest on her blog: Things I Want To Tell My Mother. The challenge was, a Christmas memory of Mom told in one hundred words. She got a batch of wonderful entries. Not that I get emotionally involved or anything when I read, but you know, a few laughs, a few sniffles, a tear or two… What a beautiful bunch of memories. I told Marylin I’d love to post the winners on this blog. Thank you for sharing, writers. I loved reading them all.

FIRST PLACE:  “Christmas With Mom” 

by Leslie Hobson of King, Ontario

It’s that smell that brings it all back.  Some heady combination of pine tree, cinnamon candles and cookies.  The feeling in my stomach of anticipation so strong that I can’t sleep.  I sneak from my bed and watch her sitting by the Christmas tree–its multi-colored lights and the crackling fire are the only lights in the room.  She hums a carol softly to herself and I feel warm and safe as I tiptoe back to my bed.

This Christmas, she’s in a locked ward and ther memories are lost.  Sometimes she doesn’t know me–but I remember her.

SECOND PLACE (TIE):  “Gingerbread”

by Jaime Norwood of Kansas

Gumdrop shingles.  Candy cane siding.  Frosted orange slice shutters.  Cobblestone hard candies of various colors.  Someone’s been eating all the chocolate fence posts, and I know who!  I caught her wide-eyed on Christmas Eve with cherry cream filling on her lips and a guilty little smile.  She breaks off the prized peppermint patty chimney all covered in icing, and hands it to me with a wink.

It’s a sneaky little secrt my grandmother and I share one delightful Christmas Day.

SECOND PLACE (TIE):  “Christmas With Mom”

by Mary Zalmanek of Monument, Colorado

We knew that Christmas 2004 would be my dad’s last.  I could see the fears on my mom’s face, in her gentle attentiveness to him, in their sweet conversations.  I bought birthday and other special occassion cards that would be sent in the future from him to my mom, his children and grandchildren.  He signed them before he died in March.

I mailed a Christmas card from my dad to my mom in December.  A few days later, my mom called.  “Last night I dreamed your dad said he had a message for me, and today I got his card.”


5 responses

  1. […] With special thanks to all the writers who entered stories, to the judges who gave each entry careful consideration, and to author Jaye W. Manus, who loves good writing and supporting writers.  She will be posting the winners on her fiction blog. […]

  2. You’ve been my writing buddy for years, Jaye, yet you continue to amaze me with your over-the-top generosity with other writers. Thanks for your support of the “Christmas Memories of Mom” contest, and for posting the winners. Your blog–and your enthusiasm for good writing–will give all the writers a much deserved boost.

    But anyone who is following your Facebook installments of your Zombie novel (which is a hoot, a great read, and very intelligently gross!) will admit that I have a right to be miffed. Main character Marty and her crazy mom Regina are so real, surely you could have written a “Christmas Memory” of them among the Zombies! To quote one of your favorite phrases: What we have here is a missed opportunity.

    Thanks, Jaye. You really are the best!

  3. Would give a whole new meaning to, “Mom gave me her heart for Christmas.”

    Seriously, this was fun and now we have new writer friends. Always a bonus.

  4. Nice! Marilyn’s comment is priceless!

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